by Neon Knives

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Recorded 2015 at Werner Wiese Studio


released October 9, 2015



all rights reserved


Neon Knives Krefeld, Germany

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Track Name: Buck-Knife-Blues
Iam an antisocial piece of shit
a born fucked up
a born snitch
I look like a midieval insane
no teeth in my mouth
but a war in my brain
you may buck the trend
but i buck my life
with my buck teeth
and my buck-knife
the cans are empty
so is my head
kill me
do it fast
Track Name: Trendshit
i hung out with this trending band
my new sneakers fit with my shirt
i made 100 stagedives last show

if that´s what punk became
bury the scene alive
if that´s what punk became
It finaly deserves to die

iam on every picture last show
of course we smoked a lot of dope
everybody knows where ever i go
Track Name: Deutschland mim´ Moped ins Kreuz
german german whats your pride?
thüringer bratwurst or sieg heil?

go on the street and follow your kind
a fucking void replaces your mind

football football finaly unites
german blitzkrieg in modern times
wrap yourselves tight in your flags
i hope you all choke to death

we got our mopeds and are ready to fight
no helmets, no gods, no national pride
the antifascist moped-crew
is ready to fight
no helmets , no gods, no national pride
Deutschland mim Moped in´s Kreuzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
Track Name: Blood And Coffee
i spit blood in my coffee
iam allways fucking tired
what a wasted life
birth, work die
here is nothing to achieve
and the clock swallows time
everyday is the same
there is nothing to find
killed by this routine
killed from this routine

sick of running circles
hang me high
iam ready to die
Track Name: Lazy Loser Life
finaly it´s weekend while everyone is partying
i´ll sleep for 3 days -iam out of step with everything-
i don´t have to go out , i have nothing to do
iam lazy punk ,iam fucked up fool

you say iam boring and i can´t deny
being lazy never goes out of style

i just close my eyes, drown in my couch and die
being lazy never goes out of style
Track Name: Kill The Cool
you are so damn hardcore
wearing a brace knuckels shirt
pumped up
and ready to fight
is it because you don´t get
any attentions in your life
you have to be a badass
on a punkshow ,on a friday night?
you trained your moves so well
at home in front of the mirror
2 step gold braclet
circlepit worrior

So better stay at home
or at the gym or in your cave
no need for thugs and real man
no gender ,no race
i rather be a loser than be like you
we stay posi(tive)
and kill the cool
Track Name: Pigjustice
Iam a badass motherfucker
because i can carry a gun
if you know whats good for you
better run
you and your friends
are targets to me
we will get you
we are on killing spree

Finaly iam someone
this is why i joined to police
iam part of the biggest gang
see my gun?
It goes bang boom bang

feel my authority through my bat
iam the law
i get away with everything
you are a filthy punk
and iam the king

i fuck you up in the name of peace
pigjustice pigjustice
a god walking on the streets
i can do what i want
that´s my job and i´ll go far and beyond

patrolling in our truck
minorities are what we hunt
no questions ask
we beat you up

confess your crimes u didnt do
bustin dealers and take their shit
nowhere to hide we ll find u too

there will be no justice
there will be no peace
better beat yourself up
and help the police
Track Name: I have no other option than staying punk for the rest of my life
Not because i can´t change
it´s because
I know better
know better
know better

I have no other options than staying punk for the rest of my life